We build custom back offices to have your database available from anywhere and at anytime. You will be able to access your data through any web browser by means of a username and password. The following modules could be programmed to fit your company's internal tasks:

  • Clients and contacts.
  • Human resources
  • Suppliers and subcontractors.
  • Budgets and rates.
  • Registering work hours.
  • Inventory and material consumption.
  • Equipment and installation maintenance.
  • Real estate rentals, payments and settlements.
  • Incidents
  • Special work permits in occupational hazards prevention.
  • Billing
  • Shared calendars.
  • Upload PDFs
  • Key performance indicators.

Mobile App forms for Health & Safety staff:

  • Health and Safety Inspections
  • Incident Reports
  • Confined Spaces Work Permision
  • Hot Works Permision
  • ATEX Works Permision
  • Electrical Works Permision
  • Safety Hazards
  • Safety Meetings
  • Scaffolding Inspections

Mobile App forms for site workers

  • Quality control.
  • Site inspections.
  • Condition Reports.
  • Work order completion report.
  • Audits
  • Installations, buildings and equipment maintenance.
  • Warehouse stock management.

Our Services

Digital Forms

Programming of a mobile App. Collect data using mobile forms and send it to the backoffice in real time. Dispatch reports to the managers to get the validation. Custom PDF reports can be generated and automatically e-mailed.


Check the data submitted by App users in real time. Optionally, the client's database can be connected to our backoffice. Scalable and easy to use. Unified working environment. Reliable security system. Custom user roles and permissions. Alerts and notifications for the users (e.g., ready to invoice, new incident report, project completed).


Assign new tasks to co-workers. New tasks can be autmatically dispatched to the users before the start of the journey. Alerts and notifications of the mobile and backoffice users. Send custom PDF reports to clients and staff.


All data is stored in the Cloud Services. All data accessible from any device anywhere through a web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc). 99,9% server availability.


Custom KPI depending on the company or the department:

  • App: Number of forms submitted per month per user.
  • Health & Safety: number of special work permits per month.
  • Commercial: number of contract signed per month.
  • Project management: number of work orders finished per month.
  • Stocks Control: number of items sold per month, category or type.
  • Maintenance: Status of work orders (e.g. open, in-process, finished, overdue, cancelled).


Data encrypted from the App to the server (TLS). HTTPS (SSL) security certificate for the backoffice. Username and password login. Data completely encrypted and secure. Brutal force and intrusion tests carried out periodically.

Special Mobile App Forms

Special Work Permits

App forms for your health and safety department. Conditional logic within the forms to help you avoid expensive mistakes:

  • Health & Safety managers like an updated list of certified workers to ensure that only qualified workers can be assigned special works like confined spaces and hot works.
  • Atmosphere control (oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc.) of the work space to make sure that gas levels are within allowed ranges.

Incident Report

Report incidents related with your workers, assets or equipment. Attach photos showing the scope of the incident. Assign the person who will follow-up the incident. Add notes and comments during the incident resolution. Change the status of the incident: open, in process, finished or cancelled.

Time Register

App form to register the time in and out of the workers. Control the regular and overtime hours of your employees.

Estimates & Invoices

App form to prepare estimates and invoices on the go. If you have the client and product details, we enable you to quickly prepare estimates and invoices. The client can sign the estimates or invoices in real time. Once the form is submitted, the client can receive the PDF by email in less than a minute. In parallel, the data goes to the backoffice, notifying the right people.

Mobile App Features

Offline Functionality

The App can work online and offline, enabling and facilitating work in confined spaces. The users can synchronize and update data whenever there is a connection to the internet.

iOS Compatibility

Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Android Compatibility

Requires 5.0 or later. Compatible with Android smartphones and tablets.

Windows 10 Compatibility

Get this app through your Microsoft account and install it on up to ten Windows 10 devices.


Record the time and location of form submissions for precision auditing.

Photo Capture

Take photos directly in the mobile forms app, then sketch on top of them to highlight areas of interest. The photos can be viewed in the PDF reports and in the backoffice.

Signature Capture

Need to confirm a work order or a delivery note? Use the mobile forms app to collect signature on-site. The form is submitted to the customer and management for quick approvals

QR & Barcode Scanner

With one click, look up equipment or inventory. The App can scan QR codes or barcodes easily. The data related can be checked after scanning (e.g. product, name, description, units available).

Automated Calculations

Do you want to avoid mistakes with rates or taxes? The form automatically performs complex calculations. Time spent on a job, totals on estimates and more can be easily calculated.

Mobilize your company forms in a few weeks

10 Reasons to go paperless


Real time data available.


Reduce mistakes or errors.


No lost or damaged paper forms.


No text misunderstandings.


Geolocate your employees while reporting.


Capture photos, barcodes and signatures.


Forms secured and accessible through the cloud.


Inform the managers and clients effectively.


Reduce redundant tasks.


Connectivity between the App and the company database.

Companies with us

Go mobile ... Go Paperless

APP Form Building

Digitize one paper form.

from €1.300 per form

This plan includes:

  • Building the digital form (App).
  • Connectivity with the database.
  • PDF report configuration.
  • Automatic email configuration.

Backoffice Programming

All form submissions ready to be checked online.

from €2.500

This plan includes:

  • Programming the company backoffice.
  • User roles and permissions.
  • Login through the web browsers.
  • All App forms submissions ready.
  • Data ready in real time.
  • KPI of forms submitted per user.
  • Graph of forms submitted per month.

App Monthly Fee

Mobile App for iOS, Android and Windows

€29 per user/month

up to 50 users

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Above 50 users

This plan includes:

  • Building the digital form (App).
  • Connectivity with the database.
  • PDF report configuration.
  • Automatic email configuration.

Server & Hosting Monthly Fee

Database server & backoffice hosting.

From €120 per month

This plan includes:

  • MySQL database.
  • 100Gb disk space (scalable).
  • HTTPS security certificate.
  • Data encryption.
  • Server availability (up-time): 99,9%.
  • Daily back-ups.

Client ERP Connectivity

Enterprise resources planning software.

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This plan may include:

  • Client's data connectivity.
  • Synchronization during night hours.
  • Special KPIs programming.
  • Ability to send data to the ERP.

A Little About Us

Efforwai is the natural evolution of Application Laboratory Team SL, which was founded with the idea of digitizing data capture by workers in the field through the use of mobile devices. This idea along with a keen understanding of our clients' business has carried us to build digital solutions aimed at our client's specific needs.

Our Mission

To improve the flow of data and the communication inside organizations by automating repetitive, unnecessary and time-consuming tasks.

Our Vision

To have a positive impact in the recreational boating sector and the ocuppational hazards sector through the implementation our digital solutions.

Our Values

Through clean code, perseverance, mindfulness of user experience and understanding of our client we guarantee a service that meets your needs.

Our Team

Team member Dani
Team member Toni
Team member Genis
Team member Emi

Contact Us

Get in touch with us and tell us about your project!

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